Gabriel Cornelius von Max [1889] Monkeys as Judges of Art. Oil on canvas, 85 × 107cm. Neue Pinakothek, Munich.


A thematic list of resources for art practice and research.
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a-n The Artists Information Company Subscription-based resource that supports contemporary visual arts practice in the UK. Promotes conversation on critical and professional issues. Artists Interaction and Representation (AIR) identifies and explores issues that impact on artists’ practice and campaigns for artistic, legislative and economic measures.

Artist-led initiatives support network ALISN delivers exhibitions, events, performances, open submissions, talks, residencies and art networking events. Fosters community and collaboration between artist-led and other art galleries and projects.

Art Licks provides an accessible platform for under-represented independent cultural activities in London. Art Licks promotes artist-run spaces, collectives, curatorial groups, exhibitions, performances, non-profit galleries and organisations through its weekly Events and Opportunities listing service. The Art Licks Weekend is an annual three-day festival of non-profit projects, artist-run spaces and independent curatorial projects. Other activities include a Art Licks Magazine and Art Licks Tours.

Artquest encourages critical engagement and provides practical support helping artists to make work, sell work, find work and network. Also runs a programme of events, talks and seminars on the critical elements of an artistic practice. A programme of University of the Arts London.

Arts Catalyst commissions art that experimentally and critically engages with science.

Artsadmin provides support, opportunities, advice, information and training for Live Artists through a programme of projects, events, awards and services.

Artsy a resource for art collecting and education.

Axisweb A subscriber resource for UK artists & curators, provides artists and art professionals with a platform to showcase their work, find work opportunities, stay informed and make useful connections. Features profiles of artists and curators, interviews, arts news and debate.

Common Practice is an advocacy group for the small-scale contemporary visual arts sector in London. The group aims to promote the value of the sector and its activities, act as a knowledge base and resource for members and affiliated organisations, and develop a dialogue with other visual art organisations. The group’s members represent a diverse range of activities including commissions, production, publishing, research, exhibitions, residencies and artists’ studios. Subscribe to the newsletter.

Critical Spaces is a free web-based platform for socially-engaged artists.

Contemporary Visual Arts Network National network of of regional networks in the UK. Opportunities, artist development and support, critical discourse, partnerships etc.

Live Art UK a consortium of venues, promoters and facilitators who are concerned with all aspects of the development and promotion of the Live Art sector. is an information resource for emerging and professional contemporary art, providing directory and publicity services for internationally focused artists and galleries.

Situations Commissions and produces temporary and long-term public artworks, collective programmes and festival events and supports artists to experiment and innovate in spaces outside conventional arts venues. Public Art Now is a subsidiary public programme of discussions, publications and debates. Based in Bristol.


Afterall is a research and publishing organisation founded in 1998 by Charles Esche and Mark Lewis at Central Saint Martins, UAL. Afterall focuses on contemporary art and its relation to broader artistic, theoretical and social contexts. Afterall publishes a journal of art, context and enquiry with analysis of artists’ work and essays that broaden the context in which to understand it. Afterall Online features commissioned material, including interviews with artists, photo-essays and texts on artist’s projects, books and events. Afterall Books publishes series of books that consider new ways of writing and reading art history. Afterall Events includes screenings, workshops, seminars and conferences.

Art & Research An artist-led, peer-assessed open access e-journal focused on questions, contexts and methodologies of artistic research and practice, aims to inform current pedagogical thought in a global context. Art & Research welcomes submissions from artists, researchers, academics, critics and curators who engage with research in Fine Art practice and/or pedagogy.

Art Licks Magazine is written by artists, curators and gallerists, providing a discursive space to sound out new and experimental ideas and projects. Every issue features a new commissioned piece of work.

ART LIES Contemporary art quarterly founded in Texas that provides an international forum for the critical examination of artistic practice, theory and discourse.

Art Monthly UK monthly contemporary art magazine with interviews, profiles, reviews, coverage from independent critics, regular columns on artists’ books, new media, auction activity and legal issues. Talk Show is a regular radio show on contemporary art on Resonance FM. Read the art education special issue Art Monthly #320 (October 2008) and the sample issue Art Monthly #359 (September 2012) free online.

ART PAPERS Atlanta-based nonprofit independent critical journal covering contemporary art and culture. Provides an accessible forum for examining, discussing and documenting contemporary art and culture in print, online, and through public programming.

ARTMargins publishes scholarly articles and essays about contemporary art, politics, media, architecture and critical theory. Studies art practices and visual culture in emerging global margins and provides a forum for scholars and critics interested in art and politics in transitional countries and regions; post-socialism and neo-liberalism; and global art, art history and its methodologies.

ArtReview Magazine features a mixture of criticism, reviews, reportage and commissioned artworks. ArtReview publishes nine issues a year, including two special focuses: The Power 100 and Future Greats, artist books, regional art guides and supplements.

Bidoun arts and culture coverage of the Middle East, a platform for new questions, images, and ideas about the Middle East. Bidoun Projects include curatorial initiatives, educational programs, artist commissions, talks, tours, performances, books, an itinerant library and an online archive of avant-garde media.

BOMB Magazine A print quarterly publishing interviews between artists alongside artists’ essays, literature and portfolios. BOMB Daily publishes exchanges on artistic practice. Subscribe to Weekend Reads for the newsletter. The BOMB Archive is a searchable and relational online library of material generated by BOMB since 1981.

Cabinet Quarterly magazine of art and culture based in New York, a hybrid arts periodical, design magazine and scholarly journal. Read the sample issue.

CONTEMPORARY AND Platform for contemporary art from African perspectives.

Control Magazine documents the work of artists and encourages a discussion of practices that seek to create a social engagement with contemporary society. Published and edited by Stephen Willats. View Control Magazine in the Stephen Willats Archive, National Art Library, V&A Museum.

Crafts Magazine Magazine for Contemporary Craft, by the UK Crafts Council.

Collapse: Journal of Philosophical Research and Development features new work and interviews with contemporary artists, philosophers and scientists. Published by Urbanomic, an arts organization that promotes interdisciplinary research in contemporary philosophy, science and contemporary art practice. Other publications include monographs documenting and developing the projects and new work in contemporary philosophy.

DIS Magazine is a post-Internet lifestyle magazine about art, fashion and commerce. Issues include The Data Issue (2015) and The Art School Issue (2012), other projects include DISimages (2013) a stock photography agency and DISown a commercial project on the status of the art object. DIS is a New York-based collective (Lauren Boyle, Solomon Chase, Marco Roso and David Toro) that explores the tension between popular culture and institutional critique through exhibitions and online projects.

e-flux journal commissions essays on cultural, political and structural paradigms that inform contemporary artistic production.

File Magazine features a broad selection of visual culture in the fields of graphic design, art, photography, fashion and moving image.

Flashart international bimonthly magazine and publishing platform that explores contemporary art. featuring additional news, reviews and commentary.

Frieze Magazine on contemporary art and culture, includes essays, reviews and columns by writers, artists and curators. Other projects include Frieze Video, Frieze Art Fairs and Frieze/de a bilingual German/English magazine based in Berlin.

Interartive An online monthly journal and a cultural association that produces off-line projects, an platform for criticism and reflection on contemporary art and thought.

Jackdaw satirical, critical, vitriolic magazine on the contemporary art world, by formerly editor of ArtReview David Lee.

JAWS (Journal of Arts Writing) A journal for peer to peer engagement and research, published for and by art students. The first academic arts journal produced by, and dedicated to, current students. Provides students with experience of writing for an academic journal (essential component of PhD study or academic career) as well as circulation and recognition of their research. A forum for commentary and discussion of pedagogical issues and relationships, writing must consider counter discussion. JAWS invites visual documentation of projects, especially those related to practice as research.

Journal of Aesthetics and Protest Los Angeles based artist collective whose magazine sits at the discursive juncture of fine art, media theory and anti-authoritarian activism. In response to an art discourse in the late ‘90s that was dominated by capitulations to or reactions against the regressive rhetoric of “beauty” as professed by critics such as Dave Hickey, the Journal of Aesthetics & Protest (JOAAP) began publishing a competing discourse. Tessa Laird summed it up quite simply at the beginning of Issue 2 (published in 2003): I don’t think Dave Hickey is Hitler, but unlike Hickey, I can’t for the life of me find beauty in places where injustice remains unchallenged (Matthew Timmons)

Kaleidoscope is an international quarterly of contemporary art and culture with an interdisciplinary approach.

Kittens Journal of the wine and cheese appreciation society of greater London, the English language journal of Junge Linke gegen Kapital und Nation.

Krisis is an open access online journal in English and Dutch, it provides a platform for articles that discuss issues in contemporary social, political and cultural thought. Krisis aims to provide a platform for philosophers and theorists working in the Netherlands.

New Formations A journal of interdisciplinary research in the humanities and social sciences. Publishes original work from any discipline which explores the uses of cultural theory for the analysis of political and social issues, or bears directly upon current debates within cultural theory, cultural studies, or the wider critical humanities or social sciences. Combines experimentation and interdisciplinarity with a commitment to support less established scholars. L&W also publishes Soundings, Renewal, Anarchist Studies and Twentieth Century Communism which engage critically with contemporary political culture. They also publish free-to-view online books on contemporary politics, including Regeneration and The Neoliberal Crisis. is an online peer-reviewed quarterly journal of scholarship in the humanities with editorials and reviews on theoretical topics – the ontology of the work of art, the question of intentionality, the ongoing appeal of different materialisms. Also features the Tank a forum for comment on provocative new scholarly work.

October Art criticism and theory that engages with contemporary arts and their various contexts of interpretation. Established 1976 in New York to introduce poststructural theory to the American art world. Editors: Rosalind Krauss, Annette Michelson, George Baker, Yve-Alain Bois, Benjamin H. D. Buchloh, Leah Dickerman, Devin Fore, Hal Foster, Denis Hollier, David Joselit, Carrie Lambert-Beatty, Mignon Nixon, and Malcolm Turvey. October Books was founded in 1989 to provide a forum for critical engagement with crucial moments in the development of the historical and contemporary avant-gardes. October Files addresses work of the postwar period that have altered our understanding of art in significant ways that prompted critical discourse. Essays that elaborate different methods of criticism, often in dialogue with one another and sensitive to political context and historical change.

paper visual art Online journal of art criticism that aims to create a forum for the publication of engaged, accessible writing on art topics that aren’t being addressed elsewhere. Based in Dublin and Berlin.

Parkett periodical published twice a year in English and German which features monographic artists’ portraits with a signed and numbered edition, texts and essays.

Radical Philosophy is a UK-based journal of socialist and feminist philosophy, the first issue of which appeared in January 1972. It was founded in response to the widely felt discontent with the sterility of academic philosophy at the time, with the purpose of providing a forum for the theoretical work which was emerging in the wake of the radical movements of the 1960s, in philosophy and other fields.

/seconds. an online publishing project edited by Derek Horton and Peter Lewis with an international editorial and advisory board of academics, artists and curators.

Seismopolite Journal of Art and Politics is a Norwegian-English quarterly which investigates the possibilities of artists and art scenes worldwide to reflect and influence their local political situation. Seismopolite highlights artistic strategies that stimulate new trajectories in precarious socio-political situations and contributes to a critical attentiveness to the art market and art’s relation to neoliberal geopolitics.

Site Magazine (Stockholm) is a journal for contemporary art, architecture, cinema and philosophy. SITE Editions is a series of essays on political philosophy and aesthetic theory, SITE Project is a series of artists’ projects.

SITEmagazine (Düsseldorf) is an exhibition in printed format contributions. Each issue is a compilation of artists’ contributions and adds to the ongoing series of publications. It aspires to butt in the world of media, publication, interpretation and contextualization. Site also produces exhibitions and artists’ editions.

SPIKE Art Quarterly is published in Vienna and aspires to independent art criticism via an interweaving of theory and the world. Other activities include curatorial projects, Fruits Flowers & Clouds art fair, Speak & Spell performance series, Spike Unplugged lecture-performances and Spike parties. /

Studio International magazine on visual art, design and architecture. Studio International was an illustrated contemporary art magazine published in London. In 2000 it was relaunched as an e-magazine.

TEXTE ZUR KUNST is a contemporary art quarterly magazine in German and English with essays on contemporary art and culture, interviews, roundtable discussions and reviews on art, film, music, the market, fashion, art history, theory and cultural politics. Each issue features an artist’s edition. Founded by Stefan Germer and Isabelle Graw in Cologne, currently based in Berlin.

The Enemy is a triannual online journal that invites writers, artists, thinkers, and activists to present essays and projects outside the mainstreams of their own practices and disciplines. The Enemy hopes to juxtapose established scholars with new voices, and to include known figures alongside students, intellectuals and polemicists. The Enemy is, and will seek to remain, free and untethered by commercial support or institutional expectations.

Third Text is an international journal dedicated to the critical analysis of contemporary art. It was originally set up to dislodge the dominance of western art discourse in the art world.

Transversal is a multilingual web journal that is part of Transversal Texts, an experimental site for publishing books in multiple languages and a blog on current news on social movements, art practices and political theory. Published by the European Institute for Progressive Cultural Policies (eipcp). /

Variant free arts and culture magazine with a cross-disciplinary approach to publishing that brings creative practices and academic discourses together to critically engage the conditions of culture. Variant commissions and develops research/ writing that addresses the fields of cultural production alongside writing on issues that inform or have consequences for the production and subjects of knowledge. Publication has been suspended until further notice but the archive is available online. Subscribe to the mailing-list.

X-TRA a critical quarterly art journal that provides an outlet for projects related to contemporary visual arts, with features, historical essays, commissioned artist’s projects, interviews and exhibition and book reviews. The archive is available online for free. In tandem with Project X Projects, X-TRA produces Artist’s Editions, books and events. The editorial board is composed of Los Angeles-based artists and writers.

2.2 [NEWS]

Art Daily current information on the art world. Features a series of stories covering art-related news and events internationally.

Art Newspaper International news and features on the art world with interviews, reviews, events listings and debate about the art world from antiquity to the contemporary. News on personalities, artists, events, sales and debates.

ARTnews Art coverage since 1902

Arts Journal Digest of stories culled from the internet, including blogs, newspapers, magazines and publications on arts and culture.

Culture24 news, exhibition reviews, links, event listings and education resources from UK museums, galleries, archives and libraries.

Financial Times Visual arts, film, music, theatre, dance: news, features, interviews and reviews from the Financial Times.

Independent art & architecture news, events and art exhibitions.


Art & Critique Events Calendar is a Google calendar that includes talks, reading groups, crits, courses, exhibitions, deadlines and other events in London that are relevant to the Art & Critique course. Events are added on a regular basis. Sort the calendar by week, month & daily agenda, import individual events into your Google calendar.

a-n Jobs and opps Find and share paid work and professional development opportunities. Members can post on the list.

ArtAddict International database of major private gallery exhibitions and information, you can make a personal selection and set reminders.

Art Licks Events and Opportunities are weekly listing services that promote artist-run spaces, collectives, curatorial groups, exhibitions, performances, non-profit galleries and organisations. Submit your event for free.

Art Monthly Newsletter includes an Opportunities section, featuring current job vacancies, exhibition opportunities, residencies, competitions etc. Send opportunities for inclusion to Submissions are free but not guaranteed. Art Monthly Listings includes London, UK and International exhibitions. Send information for inclusion by the 5th of the month preceding the relevant issue to Art Monthly’s Calendar lists a selection UK upcoming art events. Send event info for inclusion to Art Monthly Advertising (paid).

Art Newspaper Newsletter is sent every Thursday and contains updates, stories posted on the website, previews of exhibitions etc. The website features a searchable What’s On section and info on paid advertising.

Art Rabbit UK and German gallery listings and events, user-generated guide to the contemporary art scene. Sign up to the Newsletter for London, UK, Berlin or New York, browse Events or Artist Opportunities and if you sign up you can add your event for free.

Art Review offers paid advertising.

ArtLyst is a London-based network, art information website and virtual art gallery for new and emerging art, pop-up and temporary exhibitions. Listings are free but members can also post a profile and promote their work via the Web 2.0 social-networking platform. If you would like to exhibit on Artlyst, send them a link to your webpage: The ArtLyst publishing platform gathers news, reviews, resources, classifieds and articles.

Artquest Directory of art resources & opportunities. Send info for inclusion to:

Arts Forum Online The arts section of the Tower hamlets Council website. Subscribe to the newsletters or submit info for inclusion. The website also hosts a directory of Creative Industries based in Tower Hamlets, register as an artist or art organisation.

Arts Jobs & Arts News Two free e-mailing lists on vacancies & opportunities by Arts Council England. Subscribe to either Arts Jobs (paid opportunities) or Arts News (unpaid opportunities). You need to register to post a listing.

Artsadmin E-digest is a weekly roundup of opportunities for artists. Subscribe to the list or submit a listing for free.

ArtSlant Los Angeles-based international contemporary art info service with calendars, events, news, reviews, commentary and events coverage on a city-by-city basis for members. Register to post a profile, event, venue or job-listing.

Artupdate International art exhibitions, gallery maps, events and news. To submit a listing you need to become a registered member.

criticalnetwork is a not-for-profit organisation run voluntarily by a collective of practising artists based around the UK to promote critical and contextual art, events and discussion. Subscribe to the fortnightly e-bulletin or submit your event.

e-artnow is an electronic information service distributing selected e-mail announcements on contemporary visual arts. An artists’ initiative founded in Prague. Create your own announcement online and they publish it on the date you specify and include it in their weekly Opening Reminder e-mail announcement. Subscribe or register to submit a listing, the first one is free.

e-flux Subscribe to art-agenda for announcements on exhibitions and projects at commercial art galleries, art fairs and magazines and/or art&education a newsletter on exhibitions, symposia and teaching positions at art schools world-wide. To submit a listing you need to contact e-flux for info on their rates. is a directory of exhibitions, venues, galleries, dealers, artists, art services, online resources. They also publish a magazine and offer paid listings and advertising.

Galleries Now is a revolutionary guide to selected galleries around the world.

Guardian Art & Design news and listings for London-based events. Submit your listing via the Press Association or see this contact page for info on advertising etc.

new exhibitions of contemporary art Listing of contemporary art exhibitions in London, English regions, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and the Channel Islands.

Press Association arts & entertainment listings. List your event in national and regional press for free. Press Association’s events database powers the print and digital listings of UK publishers, eg: Guardian, Independent, Times, TimeOut, Evening Standard, Visit London, LondonTown, etc.

Re-title is an information resource for contemporary artists and galleries. Subscribe to the Artist Opportunities or Feature Newsletter, submission of artist opportunities costs £20.

South London Art Map or Hub Arts Map is run by Bearspace in Deptford and covers South East London and the South East Coast. You can pick it up in a gallery, consult it online or join the mailing-list.

Tate Etc. Magazine uses Tate collections, events and projects as starting points to explore the visual arts scene. Does not contain a listings section but you pay for advertising.

Time Out information on art events in London. Time Out gets its cultural event listings from the Press Association (above) or see the get listed section for info on how to submit a listing.

V&A Magazine covers architecture, design, craft, photography, fashion and fine art by taking the V&A’s exhibition and display programme as a starting point. Does not contain a listings section but you pay for advertising.


Andreas Angelidakis blog on architecture, art and theory by architect and designer Andreas Angelidakis.

Angelo says blog by internet artist and designer Angelo Plessas.

Centre for the Aesthetic Revolution contemporary art blog by curator Pablo Leon de la Barra.

Claire Bishop archive of Claire Bishop’s publications, articles, talks, conferences, reviews, podcasts etc. Claire Bishop writes about participation, she is currently based in the History of Art department at CUNY Graduate Center, NYC.

Contemporary Art Daily a daily journal of international exhibitions, curated programming and the development of archives.

Continental Drift a blog on geopolitics by Brian Holmes, based on a series of seminars with the New York reading group 16 Beaver Group.

Critical-Theory is a blog about radical philosophy by Eugene Wolters, based in Brooklyn.

Critical Legal Thinking is a plat­form for crit­ical legal schol­ars and allies to pub­lish the­or­et­ic­ally informed com­ment and ana­lysis on law and the political. They invite submissions that resonate with their founding purpose.

Criticismism a journal of art and ideas by Mark Sheerin based in Brighton, includes a weekly round-up of links to art-related stories.

FramingArK Artists framing architecture(s), an archive of art work and architecture by Fabritzio Gallanti.

Hyperallergic coverage of art and its discontents, a forum for playful, serious, and radical perspectives on art and culture.

Lenin’s tomb a blog by political activist Richard Seymour and other revolutionary socialists on British domestic and international politics, political history, imperialism, Islamophobia and anti-capitalism, covers strikes and protests.

MachineMachine website of writer, artist and academic Daniel Rourke.

New Aesthetic is an ongoing research project on the effect of digital technology on culture and vision by James Bridle.

Paul’s Art World ten recommended contemporary art shows in London by Paul Carey-Kent, former editor of Art World magazine.

ROLU blog by Matt Olson and Mike Brady.

This Is Tomorrow an archive of contemporary art exhibitions around the world.

Urban Adventure in Rotterdam Urban exploration, Scientific observation, The invisible city, Psychogeography, Conceptual art. Archive/old website.

we make money not art A blog on the intersection between art, science and social issues by curator and critic Régine Debatty.


ArtCast Contemporary art podcast by Barbara Strebel and Patrik Tschudin based out of Basel, Switzerland.

Art Monthly’s Talk Show a regular radio show on contemporary art, broadcast by Resonance FM and available as a podcast. Writers discuss topics from the current Art Monthly issue.

Avant-Garde All the Time Kenneth Goldsmith presents selections from UbuWeb, the online archive of avant-garde poetry, sound and video.

Bad at Sports a weekly podcast on the practice of artists, curators, critics, dealers and art professionals. Guests have included Rodney Graham, Kerry James Marshall, Francesco Bonami, David Robbins, Carol Becker, James Rondeau, Jeff Wall, Hamza Walker, Lane Relyea, Michelle Grabner, Gavin Turk, Julian Myers.

Radio Web MACBA a nonprofit online radio project by MACBA (Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona). Includes four podcasts: SON[I]A (information on activities at MACBA), SPECIALS (projects by artists and curators at MACBA), CURATORIAL (Sound Art), RESEARCH (Avant-gare Composition).

Studio Visit interviews with contemporary artists, musicians, writers and graphic novelists. Broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM, available in podcast format. Produced, edited and presented by writer, broadcaster, musician and curator Morgan Quaintance.


a-n Curatorial Practice Resources for curators and arts organisers from a-n The Artists Information Company, a subscription-based resource for contemporary art practice in the UK.

Call for Curators announces job opportunities, grants, exhibition proposals, residencies, awards, symposia, seminars or curatorial studies programs.

cura. is a quarterly magazine, a publishing house, exhibition space and platform for editorial and curatorial activities based in Rome.

Curating Degree Zero an archive of critical and experimental approaches to curating contemporary art by Barnaby Drabble and Dorothee Richter. It was launched to research, present and discuss changes in the practice of freelance curators, artist-curators, new-media curators and curatorial collaborations.

Curating in the back room A resource for curators to share information, publish calls and requests, test out ideas and stay in touch. Ccurating news and views, provides information on jobs and opportunities and professional development for curators. was a portal for critical curating, it has morphed into a Postgraduate Programme in Curating “as a discursive platform which imparts key areas of contemporary exhibition-making by way of praxis-oriented project ­work”, with instruction modules, group activities, seminars and lectures. With links to the PhD Programme in Curating in cooperation with the university of Reading.

Every Curator’s Handbook Initiated and edited by Anne Klontz, Karen MacDonald and Yulia Usova in partnership Perfect Art Institution.

IKT is the International Association of Curators of Contemporary Art, a members’ organisation that represents the interests of curators and brings them together to exchange ideas and find partners for the co-production of exhibitions, publications or other events.

Independent Curators International (ICI) produces exhibitions, events, publications, research and training opportunities for curators and diverse audiences. ICI focuses on the role of the curator as a contextualizing force for contemporary art, and one that develops infrastructure for contemporary artists and art discourse. Runs the Curatorial Intensive training courses in different locations around the world.

Manifesta Journal focuses on practices and theories of contemporary curating, published by the Manifesta Foundation.

Museums and the Web online space for museum informatics is an independent web journal focusing on questions around curatorial practice and theory, published by Dorothee Richter and Michael Birchall.

Something Human is an independent curator-partnership exploring movement and relationships across boundaries, through shared multidisciplinary interests in architecture, design, sculpture, mixed media, photography, moving image and performance.

The Exhibitionist established in 2009 as a journal by curators, for curators, to consider pertinent questions on exhibition making today. Promotes current curatorial practices and the critical and historical importance of exhibitions. Released three times a year. Founding editor Jens Hoffmann. Editorial board: Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, Okwui Enwezor, Patrick Flores, Massimiliano Gioni, Mary Jane Jacob, Maria Lind, Carol Yinghua Lu, Chus Martínez, Jessica Morgan, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Adriano Pedrosa, João Ribas, Gayatri Sinha, Christine Tohmé.


Audiovisual Thinking journal of academic videos about audiovisuality, communication, media and design. University of Copenhagen.

CRUMB Curatorial Resource for Upstart Media Bliss: curating, exhibiting, archiving or interpreting new media art (, interactive installations, digital video etc.) Subscribe to the CRUMB web site list NEW-MEDIA-CURATING@JISCMAIL.AC.UK

Culture Hack is a digital development programme for arts and culture that enables the creation of digital prototypes and new working relationships across the arts, technology and the creative industries.

Curating Video a research project on the relationship between curating video and the politics of social and architectural space.

Curatorial Resource for Artists’ Moving Image includes resources and guides on research, project management, audience and interviews with media curators.

Digicult is a cultural platform that examines the impact of digital technologies and sciences on the arts, design, culture and contemporary society. Subscribe or post to the newletter.

Electronic Arts Intermix a nonprofit agency and resource for the creation, exhibition, distribution and preservation of media art. The Catalogue is a searchable database with materials on the artists and works in the EAI video art collection. The Resource Guide addresses key issues relating to single-channel video, computer-based art and media art installations, including equipment and technical guidelines and interviews with media art experts etc.

Film London film and media agency that promotes screen industries based in London, includes FLAMIN Film London’s Artists’ Moving Image Network and Film London Directory a database of locations, crew and facilities. Register and subscribe to the newsletters.

Furtherfield creates online and physical spaces and places for different kinds of people to come together to get involved with contemporary arts and digital technologies. Furtherfield website hosts discussion and critical review. Furtherfield Gallery hosts exhibitions and pop-up up events and Furtherfield Commons is a technology and community space for discussions, workshops and informal residencies. They host exhibitions, experimental residencies, experiences, reviews, discussions and workshops.

London Hackspace is a non-profit hackerspace in London: a community-run workshop where people come to share tools and knowledge.

LUX is an arts agency for the support and promotion of selected artists’ moving image practice. It subsumed and displaced the London Film-makers’ Co-op. The LUX Video archive is an exclusive collection of artists’ film and video that you can watch online. LUX Newswire is a mailing-list with exclusive information about events, festival submission deadlines, residency opportunities etc. Subscribe or submit a listing to:

Music Hackspace is a place for artists, innovators, entrepreneurs and hobbyists passionate about music and technology, organises weekly events.

Nettime a mailing lists for networked cultures, politics, and tactics.

Rhizome is a non-profit organisation which supports contemporary art that creates richer and more critical digital cultures. Re-thinks artistic creation, distribution and reception in relation to changing conditions associated with network technologies: shifting attentions, uncertain objects, multiple authors, casual labors.

UK Hackspace Foundation is a non-profit, community organisation dedicated to coordinating hackerspaces in the UK.

5.1 [RESEARCH NETWORKS & PROJECTS] is a social networking website for academics to share papers, monitor their impact, and follow the research in a particular field.

Art and Criticality is a research project organised by Camberwell, Chelsea and Wimbledon (CCW) Graduate Schoo, with the ICA and Lisson Gallery.

Centre for the Study of Contemporary Art A contemporary art research community for graduates and staff, it provides a forum for participants to present work in progress and fosters interdisciplinary exchange with other institutions. Run by the Art History dept. at UCL.

eipcp (European Institute for Progressive Cultural Policies) A network of European cultural and art institutions with the aim of jointly realizing art projects and organizing discursive events.

European Artistic Research Network (EARN) was established to share and exchange knowledge and experience in artistic research; foster mobility, exchange and dialogue among art researchers; promote wider dissemination of artistic research; and enable global connectivity and exchange for artistic research.

FORMER WEST is a research, education, publishing and exhibition project in contemporary art and theory that reflects on the changes introduced by the events of 1989. Includes interviews, educational activities, research projects, lectures, seminars, symposia, exhibitions and major public events. The Research Library is a selection of catalogues, monographs, art theory, cultural studies, theory, postcolonial studies, political history, geopolitics and other fields that contribute to charting the shifts in contemporary art and intellectual debates since 1989.

Gateway to Research (GtR) was developed by the Research Councils UK (RCUK) to enable users to search and analyse information about publicly funded research for innovative Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), enabling easy access to information; it will also be of interest to other users, such as academic institutions and the general public.

Institute of Network Cultures (INC) Analyzes and shapes the terrain of network cultures through events, publications, and online dialogue. Their projects evolve around digital publishing, alternative revenue models, online video and design, digital counter culture.

Monoskop is a wiki for collaborative studies of art, media and the humanities and an archive of media and documents. is an online curatorial project, a platform for the production, display and distribution of commissioned artwork and critical writing.

Precarious Workers Brigade (PWB) are a UK-based group of precarious workers in culture and education. We call out in solidarity with all those struggling to make a living in this climate of instability and enforced austerity. Our praxis springs from a shared commitment to developing research and actions that are practical, relevant and easily shared and applied. If putting an end to precarity is the social justice we seek, our political project involves developing tactics, strategies, formats, practices, dispositions, knowledges and tools for making this happen.

Society for Artistic Research (SAR) A non-profit organisation that connects and disseminates artistic research, facilitates encounters for artistic practitioners. It hosts the Research Catalogue (RC), an inclusive, open-source, searchable database of artistic research and the Journal for Artistic Research (JAR), which facilitates discourse in the artistic research community and provides access to artistic research.

Stuart Hall Library is Iniva’s special collections Library at Rivington Place, Stuart Hall Library Research Network is a meeting place for discussion of practice-based or conventional forms of research that may include: curatorial practice, visual art, film and media, cultural studies, cultural activism, postcolonial studies, literary studies, criticism and theory.


AAAARG.ORG is a PDF library and discussion forum “a conversation platform – at different times it performs as a school, or a reading group, or a journal. AAAARG was created with the intention of developing critical discourse outside of an institutional framework”.

a-n magazine Archive of a-n magazine which featured critical commentary and contextualisation of contemporary art exhibitions and events 1980-2012.

Academic Torrents A distributed system for sharing enormous datasets – for researchers, by researchers – a scalable, secure and fault-tolerant repository for data, with fast download speeds.

British Library main page with links to catalogues, collections, research, services, etc.

British Newspaper Archive an archive of newspaper pages from the British Library collection.

Endnote is a commercial reference management software package, used to manage bibliographies and references when writing essays and articles, free if you’re affiliated with an institution.

Getty Search Gateway allows users to search across several Getty archives, including collections databases, library catalogues and collection inventories for researchers, scholars and educators.

Goldsmiths Library main page with links to the catalogue, collections, online journals and access info.

Google Art Project a collaboration between Google and art institutions around the world, view artworks at incredible zoom levels and create your own gallery.

Internet Archive a non-profit established to build an Internet library, offers access to historical collections that exist in digital format for researchers, historians, scholars, people with disabilities and the public, based in San Francisco.

JSTOR Digital repository of academic journals, books & primary sources.

Leftmatrix Curatorial Studies Research Library provides cross-referenced links between artists, catalogues, books, periodicals, audio and video works, as well as listing ephemera, artists books, multiples and posters for individual artists. Emphasis on 1960s, 70s & 80s artists and catalogues which address political and social issues.

LSE Digital Library contains digitised material from LSE Library collections and material that has been collected and preserved in digital formats.

Marxists Internet Archive is a volunteer, non-profit public archive of writing relevant to the understanding of Marxism. Includes the Louis Althusser Internet Archive and others.

Metropolitan Museum of Art Book titles from the collection with full-text online.

Open Culture 600 Free eBooks, includes fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

Oxford Art Online access point for subscriptions to Grove Art Online, the Benezit Dictionary of Artists, and other Oxford art reference resources.

Rijksmuseum Collection & Library Explore or search the collection database or the library catalogue.

Sci-Hub Online repository of pirated research papers, provides public access to tens of millions of research papers that amount to more than two-thirds of all scholarly articles.

SCONUL Access is a reciprocal scheme which allows many university library users to borrow or use books and journals at other libraries which belong to the scheme. The scheme covers most of the university libraries in the UK and Ireland.

Tate Collection Data Tate has published the dataset of its collection and archive holdings. The published dataset contains concise catalogue entries for work in the Tate collection. Records from the Tate Archive are added as they are digitised and published in the Art & artists section. The dataset is available to download from Tate’s GitHub page along with notes on the data format.

UBUWEB is an archive and distribution centre for hard-to-find, out-of-print and obscure audio/visual material (film, performance etc.) transferred digitally to the web.

UAL Library Services main page with links to individual college libraries.

UK Press Archives is a free investigative guide to the Internet. Created and developed by journalist Julian Sher, owned and operated by People Search Media.

University for Strategic Optimism blog archive.

VVORK archive of blog by Aleksandra Domanovic, Oliver Laric, Christoph Priglinger and Georg Schnitzer.


alternative education, courses, reading groups, peer groups, forums, blogs

AltMFA is an alternative Master of Fine Art course established by artists for artists as a free alternative to studying a university-based MA in London. The course has no fixed premises; the programme takes place in a range of private and public venues.

Art&Education distributes information about exhibitions, publications and symposia in educational contexts, as well as teaching positions in art schools world-wide, subscribe here for the Art&Education mailing list. Video School is a monthly programme of videos selected by artists and thinkers. School Watch presents distilled perspectives on degree programs in the arts, with interviews, critical texts and editorials on MFAs, Masters, Doctorates and certificate programs in fine arts, art history, curatorial, cultural and film studies.

Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities (BIH) aims to engage with important public issues, fostering and promoting a climate of interdisciplinary research and collaboration among academics and researchers. BIH is committed to offering most of its events free and open to the public, on occasion it is necessary to charge for some events to keep all the others free. See the events calendar or sign up to the newsletter.

Camden Arts Centre Short courses for all ages on a number of different subjects and disciplines, check the website for updates.

CCW Graduate School Blog Blog of the Research & Graduate School at Camberwell Chelsea and Wimbledon, includes links to public events such as the General Theory Forum and others.

E-flux Conversations Open forum on artistic and social ideas, allows for participation from any user as well as specialized discussion moderated by resident editors. conversations.

Evening Class is a self-organised design education experiment, consisting of 19 participants from various cultural and educational backgrounds. It is a flexible environment where participants can cultivate common interests, develop their research and collectively shape the class’s agenda.

Goldsmiths MFA Facebook group for MFA in Fine Arts at Goldsmiths.

Lecture List Moderated listing service for lectures in the UK.

London Critical Theory Summer School Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities.

London Sculpture Workshop is a non-profit, community interest based company that offers the use of metal, wood, mould-making and ceramic workshops in an open-access membership scheme. They also offer courses in technical and skill based including welding, casting, mould making etc.

MFA Fine Art Lectures is part of the MFA Fine Art at Goldsmiths, there is a weekly ‘critical studies’ lecture from a wide range of thinkers and writers, which aims to expose the students to cutting-edge ideas in contemporary art, philosophy and cultural theory. These lectures are open to all.

New Centre for Research & Practice is a non-profit, higher education institute offering graduate-level certificate programs, workshops, seminars, exhibitions, residencies and conferences in Critical Philosophy, Social & Political Thought, Curatorial Practice and Transdisciplinary Research & Practice. Based in Michigan, USA.

Open School East combines a free study programme for emerging artists with a programme of events and activities open to all.

Q-Art runs organises crits and workshops and produces books and videos on art education. Q-Art aims to break down the barriers to art education and the contemporary art world and support the networking and development of early career artists.

TEXT2SPEECH, ICA Student Forum Informal reading group, check the ICA website for updates.

TOMA (The Other MA) is an alternative art school for those who don’t have access to current MA courses. Designed to fit the everyday lives of contemporary working artists TOMA is a space to work and develop practice within a critical framework for postgraduate level. It provides a programme of learning that benefits the practice of artists. A socially engaged model, which works as an artist led co-operative, TOMA takes on parts of the structure of a standard art MA, but is also responsive to its artists. Participants directly steer the study programme, choosing those who comes to teach on it and the topics explored.


Art Monthly Newsletter includes an Opportunities section, featuring current job vacancies.

Art Newspaper Jobs, Courses and Internships

Artists’ Union England England is a trade union for professional visual and applied artists.

Artquest Current Projects Artlaw Free legal resources and information for visual artists.

Arts Hub Jobs, careers and news for the arts and creative industries. Subscribers get access to ArtsHub’s arts jobs classifieds and arts news service.

Arts Professional UK arts management magazine with features, jobs and specialist news stories such as changes in law, technology and policy. Promotes arts organisations, practitioners, jobs, and activities, provides a discussion forum.

ArtsProfessional holds regular events for art professionals. Features arts jobs in the UK and Ireland. Free for jobseekers.

Bubble Graphic and web design jobs.

Culture360 Grants, funding, residencies and jobs focusing on cross cultural exchange between Asia and Europe.

DACS is a visual artists’ rights management organisation, they collect and distribute royalties to visual artists and their estates through three rights management schemes: Payback, Artist’s Resale Right and Copyright Licensing. DACS Knowledge Base contains information about copyright law.

Guardian Jobs Arts & Heritage Jobs sign up for Jobs by Email or join Guardian Culture Network.

National Museum Directors’ Council Search for jobs at UK national and major regional museums, libraries and archives.

Opportunities Creative Scotland Information about creative jobs and other opportunities in Scotland and beyond, sign up for weekly email updates.

Paying Artists Campaign aims to secure payment for artists who exhibit in publicly-funded galleries.

The Dots Showcase your work and search for jobs, a social network for the creative industry.

Training for Exploitation? Politicising Employability and Reclaiming Education A critical resource pack for educators teaching employability, ‘professional practice’ and work-based learning. Authored by the Precarious Workers Brigade and designed by Evening Class. Provides a pedagogical framework that assists students and others in deconstructing dominant narratives around work, employability and careers, and explores alternative ways of engaging with work and the economy. Statistics and workshop exercises on precarity, employment rights, cooperation & solidarity. As a feminist I recognise many of these tools from past and contemporary practices of consciousness raising. They are effective and I encourage readers to use them (Silvia Federici), paperback or  free PDF

W.A.G.E. (Working Artists and the Greater Economy) works to draw attention to economic inequalities that exist in the arts, and to resolve them, based in New York.